KIC Works With NY To Lower Injury And Illness Rates

KIC began working with the New York Division of Safety and Health (NYS DOSH), On-Site Consultation Program in 2012 and was first admitted into the recognition program on November 7, 2013. Learn more about this success story by clicking here.

KIC Named Responsible Distribution Excellence Award Winner

KIC Chemicals Inc. is the recipient of the annual Responsible Distribution Excellence Award. Presented at this year’s ChemEdge conference, KIC Chemicals Inc. joins a small group of companies receiving this award. KIC Chemicals Inc. President Ed Kort said, “KIC...

KIC Secures New Property

KIC secures adjacent 33-acre property for expansion of our bulk Kosher packaging & distribution business.  

KIC Passes Audit

KIC passes Third Party Audit at our New Paltz, NY facility. Please contact our Quality Control Department for additional information or documentation.